Truth Week 4

Devote Time

I did not say designate time. Instead, devote time to spend with the Lord and to be filled by His Spirit. Time with God is only precious if God is given time earnestly. We cry, listen to songs, talk to Him, read devotionals, and call ourselves disciplined, yet God is still waiting in line to spend time with you. Time is valuable because no individual knows the exact seconds of life one may have in this world.

Devoting time to Him is worship. No one can do it for you or instead of you. Every believer must worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24). God wants to devote His time to you and not just find a spot somewhere in your daily routine. I think it is safe to say nearly every believer designates time with God. Most give an hour on Wednesday and 2 hours Sunday morning.

Truth is many do not know God because they have no time for Him. They make time for hair appointments, to buy shoes, watch the Cowboys lose a game. But if they do not pray at church, they may not pray at all. Truth is God is always secondary, but our priorities are ever-changing. How can anything get more time than God Almighty? Weak faith, worldly focus, and withdrawal from the Father are a recipe for less time for God and disaster.

The way we spend our time can either enhance our relationship with God or extinguish it because our light can only shine with energy. Programs, charity work, and eating chicken do not fuel the light of the world. His Word, Holy Spirit, and His anointing power enhance His church and His children.

Not taking time with God is like swimming without knowing how. Your trunks, goggles, and flippers give the aura that you are a swimmer. But let’s say you never took the time to learn how to breathe, move, or understand how to use the equipment. You might think you look like Michael Phelps. But truth is you look and sink like a rock once in the water.