Harmonious Week 3

Talk about Christ

Do you know what really can put a mind at ease? Talk about Jesus. How do you encourage the downtrodden and defeated to rise from their ashes and pursue greatness? Talk about Jesus. Where does healing come from once physicians claim your disease to be terminal? Tell them about Jesus. The family is on the verge of self-destruction, and no one has respect or direction. Tell them about the Man who stilled the water, the Man who calmed the sea.1 I truly believe when people need help, tell them to see Christ. If the church is ever going to heal, we need to tell people about the Savior who will save and not sing songs to which no one knows the lyrics. To transcend the dormant ministry (which we allowed to happen), lift Him up to draw men, women, and children (John 12:32). Also, allow Him to have free reign in your life.

We as believers give opinions before we give the Lord and Savior. Then we wonder why people stay at home and behave like they never met Christ. We never introduced Him. So how would they know Him? Change will come when we tell the world what He did, who He is, and why He is here. Quit giving church service times (that start late anyway). Instead, give scripture to quicken the life of the hopeless and downtrodden. Talk about His sacrifice, His speeches, and His service so that unbelievers are without excuse, knowing the goodness of the Lord. Just mentioning Christ can turn tragedy into triumph. Just saying the name Jesus turns lives around. I remember having trouble at school with some “so-called” friends and my grandmother, Grandma Bea, suggested just call on Jesus. I was tired of their bullying, so I tried what Grandma Bea said, and their shock left me in awe. But what also happened was that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore.

Calling on the name of Jesus brings resolution or rescue every time. Romans 10:13 confirms that we continuously have recourse by announcing, “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Overcoming addiction? Call on Him. Family in need of healing? Speak Jesus into the atmosphere. Want them to show love more? Call on the name of Jesus. Applying for a job you are not qualified for? Call on the name of the Lord. As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess to God (John14:11). When we talk about Christ, lives change, liberation comes, and the Lord calms.

1Anne Murray, “Put Your Hand in the Hand,” by Gene MacLellan, recorded 1970, in Honey, Wheat, and Laughter, Greg Brown, 1970, CD.