Adversity Week 2

Lord Allows

His permissive will intends for Him to get the glory and His children to testify how faith in Him can pull you through anything! Matthew 24:13 says he that endures to the end shall be saved. God wants us to go through difficulty and disappointment because the end product of struggle and adversity is strength and assurance. Older saints would quote, “if I never had a problem, I would never know God can solve them. I wouldn’t know what faith in God will do.” So, God allows adversity not to hinder a person but to aid their betterment. Marriages that become blissful have experienced brokenness. Families that have seen separation place value in scripture that reminds them what God has joined together, no man can put asunder. A child that has been forgotten receives fortitude from knowing He will never leave us nor forsake (Hebrews 13:5).

He has to allow trouble to infiltrate lives because it has the propensity to teach the most oblivious individuals that there is an obvious solution through His will and way. Every Christian is a better disciple when he or she receives education, experience, and exposure to life through the spectrum of biblical context along with a desire to better his or her spiritual formation. To be completely honest, the Lord allows because, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7).

How can we evangelize about His grace if we never experience His grace?  How will generational curses be broken if our children never learn righteousness, responsibility, and reality through the eyes of Christ?  How will the Gospel reach the masses if we keep lifting up Churches and not Christ?  How can the desperate and destitute believe in deliverance if we Christians don’t expose how God took us through filth to build faith?  He then places a gift in you to use for the good of the community, not to squander your soul for stardom.  He allowed our transgressions to become a testimony to establish the truth- that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!